Sniper Team - The Longest Kill

Ultimate sniper mod for Ghost Recon by thales100 and lightspeed, the great coop tournament now available to the public !!

Features :

- TEN brand new amazing sniper missions that you can play MP Coop or SP

- Only two classes of soldiers for MP : sniper and spotter

- New resized scope mask to the sniper rifles

- Full screen spot scope 25x to the spotter

- New weapon models to the opfor

- New custom firing sounds

- Real life ballistics

- Colored kit icons

- New Digital Tiger Stripe Hyper Stealth camo

- New characters

- Six custom maps

- Compatibility addon included - play any mission you want with the new weapons, sounds and masks

-Important note about the scope masks :
As default modders have included scope masks for widescreen users.
Inside "Textures" of the Sniper Team mod folder you'll find a file called "", simply unzip it inside the same "Textures" folder, overwriting when asked, to play with a 4:3 masks.
Modders have also included a "" , so if you want to get back to widescreen masks after installing the 4:3 ones, just unzip it and overwrite when asked.

Please check more info and download link here.

thales100 - Sat 26 Apr 2008 - 20:49:31
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