Ghost Recon Petition for an Anti-Cheat!

One of the most disappointing things of Ghost Recon today is the fact that it's so saturated in an anarchy riot of cheaters. The producers of Kidbuster Anti-Cheat have told us for the longest time, "Soon, we will have a new version that works soon." It's been a very long time since they stated "soon." If a petition was formed and enough people signed it, maybe we can get someone, UBI, Kidbuster, Red Storm Entertainment, or Punkbuster, anyone to develop an anti-cheat to lower the level of cheating out there.

I play on UBI, and I do look at the chat. Recently I saw two guys talking about swapping cheats, "Join my game and I'll show you my cheats," said one of them. This game has become full of crap, so here's the petition address:
*Click on "Sign Petition" to get your name down.
-Ghost Anti-Cheat Petition Site[Submitted by realchaos1]

Woody2000 - Wed 18 Feb 2004 - 13:31:20
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