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Kalashnikov Armoury - Patch 1.1 released

Thales100 has released a patch 1.1 for Kalashnikov Armoury Mod, it includes the GP-25 40mm GL to five AKs assault rifles, check more info and download link here.

thales100 - Sun 09 Sep 2007 - 23:58:40
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Kalashnikov Armoury v1.0

New weapon mod by thales100, includes 12 AK assault rifles, plus one mission and many additional features, check more info and download link here.

thales100 - Sat 08 Sep 2007 - 20:45:33
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LW15.499 Assault Rifle - New Ghost Recon 1 Weapon Mod

Thales100 has released a new weapon mod, introducing to GR1 the Leitner-Wise LW15.499 "Mini-.50" Rifle, plus many cool secondary weapons, check the list, features and download link here.

thales100 - Sun 02 Sep 2007 - 05:03:31
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M110 SASS 7.62mm - Patch 1.1 is out

Thales100 has released a patch 1.1 for M110 SASS 7.62mm mod, with new sniper kits, HK MK23 .45 pistol, etc..., check details and download link here.

thales100 - Tue 28 Aug 2007 - 05:14:42
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M110 SASS 7.62mm - GR1 Weapon Mod

Another cool weapon mod by thales100, adds the new M110 sniper rifle adopted by US Army, check it here.

thales100 - Mon 27 Aug 2007 - 19:39:36
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Sniper Cannon 3

thales100 made a new mod , "Sniper Cannon 3" , its a GR1 mod with 44 cool new sniper rifles, look at the list and pics here.

Woody2000 - Sun 22 Jul 2007 - 00:12:23
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Barrett Rifles Mod - Patch 1.1 is out

Patch 1.1 is out, thales100 included many sniper rifles with night vision scopes, plus special "night" reticles.


-HK MP7 4.6mm + 40 rounds magazine
-Desert Eagle .357 Magnum
-Barrett M99 .416
-Barrett M107 .50 + NV Scope
-Barrett M107 .50 SD + NV Scope
-Barrett XM500 .50 + NV Scope
-Barrett XM500 .50 SD + NV Scope
-Barrett XM109 25mm + NV Scope
-Barrett XM109 25mm SD + NV Scope
-Barrett M468 6.8mm
-Barrett M468 6.8mm SD

+ 66 new sniper, support, rifleman and heavy-weapons kits
+ Spot Scope 30x
+ New reticles, firing sounds, etc ...


-.50 and 25mm projectiles (weight adjustment).
-New model to the 25mm projectile.

Get the patch here

Woody2000 - Tue 22 May 2007 - 00:53:47
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Another new Weapons Mod from thales100

thales100 finished a new weapon mod for GR1, its called "Barrett Rifles v1.0" and includes a new and exclusive feature - BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System), what means that IN GAME you can activate BORS and get extra accuracy and better (lower) stabilization time !
This make possible to the player quickly engage multiple targets at varying ranges with a .50 or 25mm rifle.
When you activate BORS, the LCD screen over the scope (please check the picture below) "turns on", what increases a lot the effect, specially when playing coop missions !
You can also, of course, deactivate BORS and get back the standart real life ballistics of the rifle you are playing with - and all this by simply pressing one key !

Additional features of the mod:

-Colored kit icons
-Real life ballistics to all .50 rifles
-Many real life firing sounds
-Custom reticles
-9 barrett rifles to chose from - .50 and 25mm, bolt action, single shot, semi auto, including supressed versions
-9mm pistols, frag nades and extra ammo as secondaries to all rifles

Get it here

Woody2000 - Sat 12 May 2007 - 04:22:55
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New Weapons Mod from thales100

thales100 have finished a new GR1 weapon mod, its called "HK Assault Special", it includes twenty two H&K assault weapons:

[ Read the rest ... ]

Woody2000 - Fri 04 May 2007 - 16:59:19
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Woody2000 wishes you a Happy New Year

Woody2000 - Sun 31 Dec 2006 - 15:11:06
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