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Sniper Cannon Mod
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Fri Oct 27 2006, 03:04am

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An old project now is finally being released, the original thread about Sniper Cannon started on january, 12, 2003 !
Thats almost four years from now !
Stalker_Zero is behind all this since the start, , with some other great modders, like Kame, Streinger, Pain_@_War, Jeppeto,Malebogia, Soup31314, Black Sabbath,l-li?m/-\n ... Many other contributors have also added nice stuff to this mod (check the readme file please). Thank you all.


Mirror link -
(thanks Sunraa).


More informations about the development of some rifles can be checked here - .
We have discussed about this mod for the last three months here - .
Sniper Cannon is a weapon mod, presenting nineteen of the most powerful rifles ever made. Check the list :

-NTW 20mm
-NTW 14,5mm
-RT 20mm
-Steyr AMR
-Lahti 20mm
-Boys .55 AT
-Magnum Destroyer
-PTRD 14,5mm

-Ferret .50
-M82 .50
-M82 SD .50
-M82A3 .50
-M99 .50
-Hecate SD .50 (4 different skins)
-Hecate .50 (4 different skins)
-Windrunner M96 .50
-V-94 12,7mm

There are many great secondary weapons too :

-Desert Eagle .50
-Desert Eagle .440
-Colt Python .357
-9mm SD Pistol
-OA93 .223
-Mini ERO
-SA80 SD
-M4 SD .223 (2 different skins)
-M4 .223 (2 different skins)
-Big Lone Eagle
-.44 Automag Pistol

The intention is to provide sniper lovers with all possible power ever created. Some great firing sounds were added too, as well as nice custom ricochet sounds.Custom sniper skins and reticles were also used.

Check some screenshots :

There will be some nice stuff still to come, as a future patch including some anti-materiel missions, new weapons such as the H&K GMG, etc...
We have included some old sniper/tank missions in this 1.0 release, so that you can play and wait for the new missions, hehe ...
This is a weapon mod, you can play your favourite missions with Sniper Cannon.
We have tested it multiplayer too, i think you wont find any bugs, but if you find problems, let me know and ill make a patch.

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