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Barrett Rifles v1.0 - new GR1 weapon mod
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Fri May 11 2007, 03:22am

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Ive finished a new weapon mod for GR1, its called "Barrett Rifles v1.0" and includes a new and exclusive feature - BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System), what means that IN GAME you can activate BORS and get extra accuracy and better (lower) stabilization time !
This make possible to the player quickly engage multiple targets at varying ranges with a .50 or 25mm rifle.
When you activate BORS, the LCD screen over the scope "turns on", what increases a lot the effect, specially when playing coop missions !
You can also, of course, deactivate BORS and get back the standart real life ballistics of the rifle you are playing with - and all this by simply pressing one key !

Additional features of the mod:

-Colored kit icons
-Real life ballistics to all .50 rifles
-Many real life firing sounds
-Custom reticles
-9 barrett rifles to chose from - .50 and 25mm, bolt action, single shot, semi auto, including supressed versions
-9mm pistols, frag nades and extra ammo as secondaries to all rifles

Barrett Rifles v1.0

-Barrett M107 .50 (2 skins)
-Barrett M107 .50 SD (2 skins)
-Barrett XM500 .50 (3 skins)
-Barrett XM500 .50 SD (3 skins)
-Barrett M95 .50 (3 skins)
-Barrett M95 .50 SD (3 skins)
-Barrett XM109 25mm (2 skins)
-Barrett XM109 25mm SD (2 skins)
-Barrett M99 .50 (2 skins)



Extract it to your ...\mods folder under Ghost Recon, then start GR,activate the mod at highest priority.This means the lowest item is your options-mods screen. This mod is non-overwriting and should work in SP and MP.


BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System):

Wanting to get down a target or multiple targets at varying ranges in a hard shot sequence ? Turn on BORS by simply pressing a button and you will have extra accuracy and better (lower) stabilization time WHILE PLAYING !!

What is BORS ?

The BORS - Barrett Optical Ranging System is an exciting new development in long range shooting. It is an integrated electronic ballistic computer that couples directly to the rifle telescope by acting as the upper rear scope ring. The BORS continuously measures air temperature, barometric pressure, and bore line angle.
Given these inputs, it automatically calculates a ballistic solution for a specific user selected cartridge. The user simply adjusts the BORS elevation knob to display the target's known range. This is the world's fastest way to get an accurate first shot on a distant target.
For law enforcement and military personnel, this eliminates the need for "counting clicks", calculating mil dots as target ranges change, or using a handheld computer.
The BORS allows the shooter in a dangerous environment to focus on other environmental conditions, assess the tactical situation, and quickly engage multiple targets at varying ranges.(

How to use this ?

Simply choose any sniper kit that has BORS, then when playing GR activate the BORS system by pressing the key to change equipment ("BORS Assisted"), and thats it ! Youll have extra accuracy and lower stabilization time, so the performance of the rifle will be increased, making possible faster and more accurate shots !
Each BORS kit will allow the use of the system with half of the total kit's ammo (usually 40 rounds out of 80).
The LCD screen of the BORS system, over the rifle scope, will be automatically "activated" when you play with it (check the "ad" picture) !
To deactivate BORS, press again the change equipment key and enjoy the standart accuracy and stabilization time of the sniper rifle you are playing with.



I have tried my hardest to get in contact with the creators of all work featured in this mod.If you find your work in this mod and it's not properly credited below do not hesitate to contact me ( and please accept my appologies.
In this case i will change this readme in a future patch and include the missing credits. I fully respect and thank the authors for their hard work that has made Barrett Rifles Mod possible.The credits are very specific so the participation of the work of each modder can be easily understood.

-Ingeloop for the reticles of all the rifles.

-DonMiguel for the "GR Gun Ballistic Calculator MFC Application" used in this mod.

-Terry Bailey at for textures used in this mod.

-WytchDokta for the "desert" and "wood" textures used on the sniper rifles, from his "WD Camopack".

-D.Corpse for all firing sounds, except the supressed ones.

-Samu Sinervo for all the eighteen bullets ricochet sounds used in this mod, from his "Kafee Sound Pack Mod".

All rights reserved. You may not modify or alter any of the files contained within this mod, or use its components without authorization from the authors. Please contact me if you are interested in using something from this mod, and ill give you details (emails, etc...) on how to get the proper permission from the respective author, in case its not my own work.

thales100 (


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Mon May 21 2007, 09:06pm

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Patch 1.1 is out !



-HK MP7 4.6mm + 40 rounds magazine
-Desert Eagle .357 Magnum
-Barrett M99 .416
-Barrett M107 .50 + NV Scope
-Barrett M107 .50 SD + NV Scope
-Barrett XM500 .50 + NV Scope
-Barrett XM500 .50 SD + NV Scope
-Barrett XM109 25mm + NV Scope
-Barrett XM109 25mm SD + NV Scope
-Barrett M468 6.8mm
-Barrett M468 6.8mm SD

+ 66 new sniper, support, rifleman and heavy-weapons kits
+ Spot Scope 30x
+ New reticles, firing sounds, etc ...


-.50 and 25mm projectiles (weight adjustment).
-New model to the 25mm projectile.

[ Edited Mon May 21 2007, 11:44pm ]
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