Urban Ops: Total Conversion

Renegade Legion Total Conversion (RLTC)
Author Renegade Legion
Description (server-client)
RLTC is a sci-fi total conversion mod created by some of the brightest stars in Rogue Spear mod-making. Features 16 Skins, 20 Primary Weapons, 18 Secondary Weapons, 5 Maps From Scratch and 20 Missions.

Included are update patch 1.5 and a Character Patch that fixes a bug in the RLTC character (skin) selection, now the correct Venusian Operative is the one that shows up - by Cocobolo
Filesize 46.46 MB
Date Mon 12 May 2008 - 03:51:32
Downloads 700
 10.0 - 1 vote 

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