Urban Ops: Total Conversion

Omaha Missions 2
Author Lord Odin
Description (server-client)
This is the sequel to the original Omaha Missions. It contians the original Assault, Defend, and MP missions, but also adds Advanced versions of each for a total of 6 missions. This mod includes a retextured Omaha Beach, 14 armpatches, 16 MP bounds, new sound effects, new interface, added sound effects, historical information, a summation opening video of D-Day, noticeable varied AI skill levels, and a new wound texture. The Advanced missions all sport more AI, and more explosions. They also have added barbedwire and bulletproof sandbags for increased gamepley. The MP mission has automatic craft door openings, auto-destructive barbedwire, and balanced MP insertion zones for balanced gameplay. You need Omaha Beach Version 1.01 and WW2 Weapons v.34 preinstalled in order to run this mod. Read the README file for full documentation.
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Filesize 10.47 MB
Date Tue 01 Apr 2008 - 04:33:31
Downloads 612
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