Urban Ops: Total Conversion

=FFL= Real Combat Patch v2
Author website http://www.teamffl.com/
Description The patch is a collection of real gun images, realistic sounds, and high quality textures. I tried to use only the best files I could find to make this patch. A great deal of time was put into finding only the best images and sounds possible. I collected some parts from my favorite mods, and used ideas from the those as well Also I used real images and sounds I collected from the net and other sources., in addition I included many of my original art files . I edited all the sounds form 8bit mono to 16 bit stereo to add depth to the game environment. Note : (because of this I do not recommend that this patch be used on older slower systems 400mz or below)

NOTE: {This is a patch and not a mod, it will overwrite game files and you will have to reinstall the file of your cd if you don't like them, but I am sure once you use these files you will not want to go back}

The reason this is a patch is not a mod is that Team =FFL= primarily plays non modded games, we simply wanted to improve the standard game experience for our members, while still allowing people without the patch to join our games. In addition this also allows us to join any other game and still have the improve sounds and graphics etc.. The patch works with Rogue Spear, Urban Opps and Covert Opps. and dose not effect game dynamics in any way, there is no advantage or disadvantage to using this patch ,other than a richer gaming experience.
Filesize 13.46 MB
Date Fri 21 Mar 2008 - 04:51:09
Downloads 541
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