Urban Ops: Total Conversion

UO Boom v1.01
Author Jester
Description (server-Client)
UO Boom is a total conversion mod for Urban Operations based on a popular first person shooter. The mod features two new maps (made with 3dsmax), new tango skins, new operative, new interface, custom assault missions for the two maps in single- and multiplayer coop, and mutliplayer adversarial (team survival and survival). Both maps have secret areas in them. One map is "improved" in the multiplayer adversarial version, to enhance game play.
New to v1.01: adds Boom-style weapons and uniforms, makes the cursor more user-friendly, changes title screen, plus a host of minor improvements and tweaks, including splash screens, etc.
Read the enclosed .html document for installation instructions, then run the install program. It will automatically locate your existing Rogue Spear installation. All details for playing the two "from scratch" maps in single- and multiplayer are included in the .html document.
Filesize 11.64 MB
Date Sun 10 Feb 2008 - 20:47:31
Downloads 535
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