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Barrett Rifles v1.0
Author thales100

Barrett Rifles v1.0

-Barrett M107 .50 (2 skins)
-Barrett M107 .50 SD (2 skins)
-Barrett XM500 .50 (3 skins)
-Barrett XM500 .50 SD (3 skins)
-Barrett M95 .50 (3 skins)
-Barrett M95 .50 SD (3 skins)
-Barrett XM109 25mm (2 skins)
-Barrett XM109 25mm SD (2 skins)
-Barrett M99 .50 (2 skins)


BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System):

Wanting to get down a target or multiple targets at varying ranges in a hard shot sequence ? Turn on BORS by simply pressing a button and you will have extra accuracy and better (lower) stabilization time WHILE PLAYING !!

What is BORS ?

The BORS - Barrett Optical Ranging System is an exciting new development in long range shooting. It is an integrated electronic ballistic computer that couples directly to the rifle telescope by acting as the upper rear scope ring. The BORS continuously measures air temperature, barometric pressure, and bore line angle.
Given these inputs, it automatically calculates a ballistic solution for a specific user selected cartridge. The user simply adjusts the BORS elevation knob to display the target's known range. This is the world's fastest way to get an accurate first shot on a distant target.
For law enforcement and military personnel, this eliminates the need for "counting clicks", calculating mil dots as target ranges change, or using a handheld computer.
The BORS allows the shooter in a dangerous environment to focus on other environmental conditions, assess the tactical situation, and quickly engage multiple targets at varying ranges.(

Any doubt or porblem you may find running this mod please report in the mod's thread here in, so i can make a patch if necessary.
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Date Sat 12 May 2007 - 02:50:07
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