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GR Weapon Tagger Utility v1.1
Author Mike Shell
Description This update to the original utility also adds support for hand placement.
This utility will convert a RS QOB (exported from 3D Studio Max) to a GR format with muzzle flash, hand placement, and brass ejection data. GR will recognize and load the older, RS format QOB's so this utility is only necessary if you need to create a muzzle flash and/or brass ejection point for your weapon (since these are not handled in the older format).
NOTE: This utility IS NOT designed to convert RS weapons to GR weapons (the scale of RS/UO weapons isn't similar to GR's own weapon scale, and no data for muzzle flash/brass ejection exists in the RS QOB's). This utility IS intended for users who are creating new weapons for GR using the old RS plugins for 3D Studio Max.
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Filesize 1.43 MB
Date Sat 25 Nov 2006 - 21:42:59
Downloads 676
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