SG 550 Sharpshooter - New GR1 Weapon Mod

Thales100 and Shadows_Fall have released a cool weapon mod including the SIG SG-550 5.56mm Sniper Rifle, plus the HK MP7 and HK MK23 as secondaries.
There are many features in this mod:

-REMBASS II / AMDS system - turn it on "activating" the LCD display attached to the sniper rifle and detect enemy soldiers, wheeled and tracked vehicles
-New "human detected" symbol on the command map replacing the "red diamonds"
-Attach a supressor to your sniper rifle while playing
-Drop the bipod of your sniper rifle while playing and get extra accuracy when on prone position
-New sniper character with five different "HyperStealth" cammos to choose from - wood, jungle, desert, urban and winter
-Real life ballistics and firing sounds
-Colored kit icons
-"Softer" NV effect
-New custom scope mask - smaller
-14 new sniper kits with nades, extra ammo, HK MP7 and HK MK23 as secondaries
-SP and MP fully compatible
-New reticle to the binoculars
-Reticles without pips

More information and download link please check here .

thales100 - Sat 27 Oct 2007 - 03:01:58
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