Another new Weapons Mod from thales100

thales100 finished a new weapon mod for GR1, its called "Barrett Rifles v1.0" and includes a new and exclusive feature - BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System), what means that IN GAME you can activate BORS and get extra accuracy and better (lower) stabilization time !
This make possible to the player quickly engage multiple targets at varying ranges with a .50 or 25mm rifle.
When you activate BORS, the LCD screen over the scope (please check the picture below) "turns on", what increases a lot the effect, specially when playing coop missions !
You can also, of course, deactivate BORS and get back the standart real life ballistics of the rifle you are playing with - and all this by simply pressing one key !

Additional features of the mod:

-Colored kit icons
-Real life ballistics to all .50 rifles
-Many real life firing sounds
-Custom reticles
-9 barrett rifles to chose from - .50 and 25mm, bolt action, single shot, semi auto, including supressed versions
-9mm pistols, frag nades and extra ammo as secondaries to all rifles

Get it here

Woody2000 - Sat 12 May 2007 - 04:22:55
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thales100 | 12 May 07-05:03
Hope you all enjoy the mod !

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thales100 | 12 May 07-17:25
Any doubt or porblem you may find running this mod please report in the mod's thread here in, so i can make a patch if necessary.

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Slayer | 13 May 07-00:10
Good to see that there still is life in the game.
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thales100 | 22 May 07-00:19
Patch 1.1 is out, ive included many sniper rifles with night vision scopes, plus special "night" reticles.
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selba | 20 Dec 09-12:34
Intersting website! Will visit often..
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glelin | 20 Dec 09-14:52
Thanks, admin...
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